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Podcast Overview:
In 2006 KPMG research suggested less than 20% of benefits were never delivered. Since 2008 our maturity assessments have shown that 90% of organisations are at level 1 maturity, as judged by the P3M3™ model.  There is room for improvement shall we say!

In these austere times, benefits management is probably the hottest topic out there.  Organisations want to see a return on their investment and evidence that it will happen before giving the go ahead. In this interview, Rod Sowden talks about how Benefits Management should be approached, some of the pitfalls to be avoided, and how Managing Successful Programmes guidance can be best used to deliver your benefit.

For those that want to know more, why not consider joining our Benefits Management 1 day workshop where you will learn tips that will increase your effectiveness. The course is accredited by the Centre for Change Management and carries a National Qualification Framework qualification.

About the Author

Rod Sowden left a career at the BBC in 2002 to found Aspire Europe Ltd, an organisation dedicated to improving organisations delivery of change programmes.

His flirtation with MSP® started in 1999 when it was first released, he became the first OGC/APM Group Registered Consultant in 2003, a trainer in 2004 and was appointed lead author for the 2007 rewrite and has led the development of the refresh for 2011.

Anyone who has met him, will know he is happy to talk for hours on his favourite topics and listeners will enjoy his humour and passion for the subjects, laced with irony and pragmatic realism about how things work in the real world.

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